Natural Dog Treats


Wagging tails, bright eyes and a big lick: Jones Natural Chews is all about delivering happiness to dogs . . . and their pet parents. Our top-quality, delicious and natural bones, chews and treats are 100% sourced, raised and Made in America, so you can feel confident giving your dog the best. From our traditional meat cuts to the new “USA Bully Basted” line, you can count on wholesome, tasty chews and treats baked to perfection to ensure the highest quality and best flavor. The variety and consistency of Jones Natural Chews will satisfy dogs of all sizes and personalities, providing hours of chewing happiness. And, Jones Natural Chews is sure to bring fun, memorable moments to the pets we love (just ask Rocky!). Find a Retail partner for Jones Natural Chews near you today!


K9 Granola's Dog Bakery specializes in USA homemade dog treats that are baked fresh daily. Many of the recipes, including our signature granola recipe, are Wheat, Corn and Soy free. Then the pastries are hand molded or cut, dipped, and decorated in a variety of shapes and sizes. The offerings are varied according to Holiday or occasion; but there is certain to be something you will want from our Bakery.


We decided to create our own company after realizing that there are healthier alternatives in food choices for our precious pet companions.   As pet parents and Canadians, our goal is to create treats that are healthy, and not only made in Canada, but 100% sourced from Canadian suppliers. We also felt that providing healthy options for our pets shouldn't break the bank.  We strive to provide an excellent value to our fellow pet parents by making treats that are affordable to everyone.  Every great dog deserves to be rewarded and spoiled with a healthy and tasty treat, every dog deserves Great Jack's.  We guarantee and stand by our product.  Great Jack’s is CFIA and FDA inspected, and USDA vet approved.


Charlee Bear was developed to enhance the wonderful relationship between dogs and people. Each Charlee Bear Treat is a way to say "I love you" and make the bond grow deeper. We also wanted to keep dogs healthy and lean so Charlee Bear was developed as a low calorie treat. We always used simple natural ingredients. Dogs are family and training is like teaching our children manners. Over the years Charlee Bear Treats have been a wonderful training tool helping many doggies to be well mannered canine citizens. At Charlee Bear we are so proud of the moments of love and fun that our treats have helped to create over the past 25 years.


Our chefs go above and beyond to make sure the food and treats are as tasty as they are healthy. They incorporate fresh product like blueberries, spinach, carrots, and cranberries. They use power foods such as chicken, white fish, and peanut butter to provide fetch-playing protein for your pup. They even incorporate carob chips (a healthy and dog-safe chocolate alternative) into some of our treats to satisfy your dog's sweet tooth.


Back in 1995, our founder, Patrick, was on a hike with his Chocolate Lab, Zuke, when he shared his energy bar with him to refuel so they could finish their trek. At that moment, he realized our dogs are just like us — they need healthy treats to keep them going, too. So he created Zuke’s treats, nutrient-rich and made with the Earth's best ingredients.

Today we remain a small team located in the beautiful mountain town of Durango and we're still dedicated to creating healthy, natural dog treats and supplements. Join us on the journey as we fuel our life off leash.


HeroDogTreats™ supports the Canadian Service Dog Foundation, employs military veterans, and contracts community living personnel. We do this to give back to the community. All of our products are single ingredient, and from government inspected suppliers. We like to say, what you see is what you get, a duck foot is a duck foot and a chickens foot a chicken's foot. We guarantee that, "Your HERO will love you for it!"